We just had to tell everyone about a wonderful group of pilots (PILOTS N PAWS) who so unselfishly donate their time, expertise, love of animals
and flying to help rescues like Girard LifeSaver Rescue in Girard, GA and A Place For All Animal Rescue in Coatesville, PA  by flying pets to
destinations where they are able to find homes or have homes already and just need a lift to get there.   We had the most wonderful experience
with an AWESOME group of pilots: James, Robert, Dick and Gary. We could not have done this without them!!!

Three puppies on kill lists in two different Atlanta shelters were pulled and taken to Girard LifeSaver Rescue.  Here they were cared for,
inoculated, one treated and cured of severe mange, wormed and quarantined for over a month.  When they were healthy we faced yet another
obstacle . . . getting them to PA.

All three puppies would get EXTREMELY car sick.  This was discovered on a short car trip of around 50 miles one day.  They got so sick and
threw up several times.  They salivated until they were soaking wet.  When they got back home they drank lots of water and lay around for two
hours before getting back to their normal selves.  I [Samantha] have transported over 130 puppies and have NEVER seen puppies get this sick.  
We were very concerned about sending them by land vehicle on a 12 hour trip and began trying to find an alternative method for getting them to
the PA rescue that had approved homes awaiting these precious pups.

We received an e-mail about Pilots N Paws offering to help fly pets and contacted them.  After posting our request on their site, we were
communicating with pilots and making arrangements to fly these 3 babies from GA to PA.

The flight was scheduled for Sept. 11, but mother nature had different plans for the day…bad weather. Communications began with the pilots
and the rescues involved, and the flight was rescheduled for Sept 13, which turned out to be a gorgeous day for flying.

This was a 3 leg flight.  Samantha of Girard LifeSaver met our first “leg” pilots, James and Robert, with pups Thelma, Louise and Sendoa at 8:45
AM at the Millen Airport.  From here they flew to Asheville, NC to meet our second pilot, Dick, who would fly them to Virginia where they would
land to meet yet our third pilot, Gary, and board the Cessna which would carry them to PA to meet Cathy and Sharon with A Place For All at 3:45
PM. Total flight time was approximately 5 hours verses the 12 hour land travel time.

When the three babies arrived in Asheville they were met with an Airedale named Kelley.  The pilots James and Rob would fly her to her new
foster home.  So they unloaded Thelma, Louise and Sendoa and picked up Kelley who has a very unique story of her own.  She was not in a
shelter or on a "kill list" so to speak but had she not wandered onto a women’s correctional center would have faced death in any number of
other ways. You see Kelley Girl was a stray who got VERY lucky!  See her story below:

On September 1 Airedale Rescue Group got a call at 9pm saying that an Airedale had dug INTO the Women's Correctional Center in
Swannanoa, NC. She had been wandering the highway and sleeping in a culvert when she decided to seek company. She trailed an inmate,
who called her Little Baby, for a couple of days before she let her touch her. When the lady could finally put her hands on her, Little Baby was
found to have matted and filthy fur that was about 4 inches long. The ladies bathed and groomed Little Baby, who is about one year old. The
center has a contract with Animal Haven Sanctuary in Asheville for the ladies to work with a volunteer dog trainer to train homeless dogs. Every
8 weeks the inmates train two dogs, who can then be placed more easily. And the ladies work at the sanctuary caring for farm and companion
animals who have been rescued. So Little Baby went to Animal Haven, where everyone got very attached to her again, just overnight. I picked
her up last Saturday and named her Kelley in honor of the lady to whom she had gotten so attached at the center. After a week of veterinary
care and nurturing at Animal Hospital at Reems Creek, Kelley spent one day with Bear, Mica, and me, and we all got attached, too! Then K-Dale
made the wonderful trip to her foster home, thanks to James and Rob and PnP. Thank you so, so much! K-Dale is an adorable dog and we are
so grateful for your help.

Claire, volunteer
Airedale Rescue Group
All rights reserved. Coatesville, PA                                                                                                                                                                                      
Three pups and an Airedale

Samantha                                       Cathy and Sharon
Girard Lifesaver Rescue           A Place For All Animal Rescue