We want to thank A Place for All and all the people that helped in our birth, first 6 weeks and finding us a
new home.  We love our new house, Mommy, and sister Chloe. We enjoy following Mommy around the
house and chasing Chloe's tail. We spend a lot of time in the big window and sleeping or playing with all
our new toys. Thanks so much for helping us find our forever home!
Annie (aka. Ruby), Logan (aka Chester), and Briscoe (aka Rudolph)
All rights reserved. Coatesville, PA                                                                                                                                                                                                contact@aplaceforall.org
Success Stories
Maximus (f.k.a. Chevy)
Hope that all of you are doing well. I just wanted to give you an update
on Maximus since he turned one year old yesterday. He is doing great
and has crossed 90 lbs now and still growing....lol. He is the joy of our
lives and recently passed his CGC - Canine Good Citizen
Certification.  I have attached some pictures from his birthday that we
celebrated in NYC yesterday.  Thanks for bringing us all together.
Take care,  
Vince, Vani and Maximus.
Mallory (f.k.a. Cleopatra)
Goliath and Dozer's Sister
Mallory has a wonderful temperament and loves people. She has learned to bark
at strangers who come to the door but loves to greet family and friends. She jumps
into the car and wants to go with me everywhere. She loves to run at the beach but
is not about to jump into the waves with those crazy labs she makes friends with.
When at the beach, she stays close by but comes immediately when called or if I
whistle her name. When fed, she sits, gives her paw, and waits until she's told OK
before eating. She has put on a little weight which she needed and has grown
nicely. She is wonderfully smart but also wants to please.
I had thought I wanted a pup but taking Mallory a little older has been the best! She
has not chewed one thing except her own toys and chewies!
This summer we are going to obedience classes together and, by the fall, I am
hoping to have her certified to visit children in hospitals. She's already had the
necessary vaccines and needs to be one year old. That's how good a pet she is!

Hi!  I wanted to write and bring you up
to date on how our Mallory is doing!
What a great pet! We are thoroughly
enjoying Mallory and she is thoroughly
enjoying herself.  She is my constant
companion, follows me everywhere,
and sleeps across my feet when I work
at my desk. That way she knows if I
Skittles (f.k.a. Chance)
Just wanted to let you know that Chance, aka Skittles, is doing VERY nicely.  Biscuit and him are having a
BLAST.  He steals all the toys and gives little chance for Biscuit to play with them but he's settling in quicker
than I thought he would.  He doesn't like when I hold him yet...but comes when I call him and he does know
when he's getting into something he's not supposed to...hehe.    Had to squirt him only once and that's
because he was RIGHT at the door....
Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks again!
Dear Godmommy,
I have been with my Mommy for 10 months now and I love her very much.  I have total run of the house except for the basement which is filled with boxes of
Mommy's belongings. When she goes to work, my big Sister Nita comes by to play with me.
When I am by myself I usually stay upstairs in what she calls the Queendom. It really is her bedroom. When I was a baby she used to leave the TV channel
on Sesame Street but now that I am a little older I watch Animal Planet. When I am on the bed, I can see my reflection in the mirror or in the dresser drawers
and it is fun to bark at myself.
We went to the doctor's a couple of weeks ago and he put both of us on a diet. I was approaching 11 pounds and he said that I was too heavy. Now that it is
warm we go out for lots of walks. I really like summer but I refuse to go out when it is raining because the grass becomes yucky.  
I love to eat but I am very choosy about what I eat. Mommy puts it in the microwave for eight seconds. It really is better warm. I have my own glass bowl it is
much better than plastic.   
I like to play. I've trained her to throw the ball to me and she actually catches it when I throw it or roll it to her. She is so happy when I bring the ball to her to
play with.  There are a group of rabbits who live in our yard. I keep trying to catch one. I found a dead mouse the other day and you should have heard
Mommy scream. She washed my mouth out. I wasn't going to eat it just play with it.
Mommy got me a kiddie pool last week-end and it is a lot of fun to play in especially when it is hot.  I hope you like the picture of me.  I am glad my Mommy
adopted me and I owe it all to you and A Place For All Animal Rescue.
Cooper is pictured above with his new parents and new brother, Chase.